Sega and Atari consoles in Lidl stores

By | December 8, 2019

Biedronka was the closest player among supermarkets so far, but now Lidl also wants to hit the hearts of electronic entertainment enthusiasts. Instead of competing, he decides to attack another sector – namely retro consoles will land on the shelves

Lidl introduces consoles for retro game geeks

Immediately after the weekend, December 9 in the offer of Lidl stores will appear two game consoles for lovers of retro-style gameplay. Specifically on the shelves you will find:

  • Sega Mega Drive Flashback with 2 pads and a set of 40 games (including: Altered Beast, Comix Zone and Gunstar Heroes)
  • and Atari 2600 with 2 joysticks and a set of 110 games (including: Asteroids, River Raid and Space Invaders)

In both cases we are dealing with replicas of classic consoles, allowing you to remember (or check for the first time) how it tasted to play at the end of the last century. And it tasted amazing, although of course it is not fun for everyone (and certainly not for those of you for whom graphics are a priority). We will pay PLN 299 for both devices

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Megadrive Atari

But is it worth buying retro consoles at Lidl?

Everyone must, of course, answer the question whether he is a retromaniac or not. There are, however, a few points to mention. First free emulators are available on the web (e.g. Stella in the case of Atari), which also allow you to play classic productions. Although the legality of game ROMs varies, it's good to know that there is such a possibility at all.

The second thing is that Lidl goes to the Sega Mega Drive Flashback console, which in reviews does not collect the best reviews. Has performance issues, so if you are counting on high quality, it is better to stop and choose (not much more expensive) the Sega Mega Drive Mini device, created not under license, but officially by Sega.

Of course, it's not that they are devices for nothing – both can give a bit of fun, because the games of the 80s and 90s of the 20th century were excellent in this respect. However, we encourage you not to be guided only by sentiment when making a purchase decision.

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Source: Lidl, own information

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