Serial Cleaner: the game is available for free

By | November 21, 2019

Have you heard about Serial Cleaner? If not, it's worth catching up. The more that you can expand your collection with this title without reducing your wallet.

Serial Cleaner for free

This extremely tempting promotion for those who prefer PC has been prepared by the Humble Store. Series Cleaner can be won there completely for free, all you have to do is make it during the promotion period, i.e. for the next three days (incomplete). Those interested should go to this link and use the "Get the game" button. Thanks to this, they'll get the code to download the game from the Steam platform. It is worth adding that the current price of the game is PLN 53.99, so you can save a bit.

One Serial Cleaner can't be denied, it's really the original title

The series Cleaner initially hit the PC and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Over time, Nintendo Switch also joined the target platform. The game has received good, but not fantastic ratings. No one can accuse her of the lack of originality.

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It's difficult to assign Serial Cleaner to one genre, it's a combination of action game, stealth and arcade. The player's task is to clean the crime scene so as not to leave anything to the police and at the same time remain elusive. Contrary to appearances, the game turns out to be addictive, and it is additionally pleasant with a large dose of humor. You can learn more from our review of Serial Cleaner.

Source: humblebundle, GameSpot

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