Sony patented a cartridge – is it a carrier for PlayStation 5?

By | November 13, 2019

The new solution could allow the construction of removable SSDs. However, it is difficult to clearly confirm such a manufacturer's plan.

There is still a lot of time until the premiere of PlayStation 5, and we actually know only the outline information about the console specifications. There are no leaks or guesses on the network. One of the rumors suggests that the manufacturer may introduce here an innovative solution with … cartridges.

It all began with a patent application that was filed at a Brazilian patent office. The documentation reveals Game Cartridge for the PlayStation console – according to the description, the device is to be used to save and store data.

Will PlayStation 5 use cartridges?

Sony Game Cartridge - cartridge

There were speculations on the network that this could be an addition to the upcoming PlayStation 5 console. This scenario may be indicated by the fact that the project was registered by Sony Interactive Entertainment, so the same department that prepared the developer version of PS5.

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Cartridges could serve as a removable SSD drive, where it could be upgraded to a larger (and more expensive) version, depending on the needs. The new console will also be equipped with an optical drive, so it will also use traditional "tiles" here.

Sony Game Cartridge - cartridge

Will PlayStation 5 use cartridges? At the moment it is difficult to clearly confirm such a scenario. An equally well-patented patent can remain just a concept and never reach mass production.

Source: LetsGoDigital

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