SSD350 series drives for reliable operation in industrial conditions

By | January 14, 2020

The SSD350 series of drives introduced to the CSI offer, and produced by one of the world's leading manufacturers Silicon Power is a solution dedicated to such industries as: transport or automation.

Silicon Power SSD350 2.5 "SATA III SSDs are mass storage devices based on flash memory technology 3D NAND. The SSD350 series includes the following models that meet different requirements:

Series SSD350R Rugged based on the SM2258H controller has:

  • Built-in Advanced PFP (Power Failure Protection) technology to eliminate the risk of damage or loss of data caused by unexpected power outages or voltage drops
  • The Power Shield function using the controller software and power circuit monitoring algorithm to protect the SSD from failure and securely write data from the DRAM cache to the flash memory controller in case of sudden voltage changes
  • This allows better data protection in the event of a power outage. The function is activated before the standard write protection mode, thanks to which data integrity is maintained. What's more, this feature also protects against media damage associated with power off.

Series SSD350S Performance based on the SM2258H controller is a model equipped with Power Shield functions that uses the controller software algorithm and power circuit monitoring to safely write data from the DRAM cache to the flash memory controller.

Series SSD350E Embedded based on the SM2258XT controller is a disk without DRAM memory but with Power Shield functions shielding the architecture of the system's software.

All SSD350 series products are equipped with LDPC ECC to correct 120 bits for each 1024 bytes data as well as in function RAID Block / Page, guaranteeing durability 3K PE cycles with 3D NAND. They also have the latest Direct-To-TLC and SLC cache architecture as well as external DRAM memory, which allows for optimal, long-lasting read and write performance and reduce write amplification to provide even greater TBW strength; greater than with memories equipped with 2D MLC.

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StaticDataRefresh technology monitors voltages and provides quick refresh when needed to maintain high read performance over time and maintain data integrity.

The SSD350S / R series can additionally include hardware write protection and secure erase via an optional connector.

It can also provide write protection for the software and the secure erase function with appropriate software if needed.

The SSD350S / R series is equipped with an integrated power management system PMU industrial grade (Power Management Unit), which ensures greater reliability of the power supply structure compared to traditional discrete systems. It also comes with complete protection from OVP. OCP, function Surge Rejection and In-Out Short Protection, which provides a higher level of protection compared to traditional fuse design.

Silicon Power drives - render

Early withdrawal of weak blocks and the global consumption balancing algorithm ensures equal use of flash memory cells to extend the life of SSDs.

Silicon Power also supplies the SSD550 S / R series equipped with pSLC, allowing to achieve 30,000 PE cycles to meet the requirements of applications requiring high strength.

SSD350S / R Series performance:

Sequential reading (MB / s max.)365520520520520
Sequential Write (MB / s max.)190375480480480
Random 4K reading (IOPS max.)2300045000730008300092000
Random 4K recording (IOPS max.)1700029000530007800076000

Energy consumption:

Read (active)260355415425425
Write (active)320445505525530


TBW (guard brand factor 2)13927955911192238
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Distinguishing features at a glance:

  • Compliant with Serial ATA, version 3.1 Standard and transfer rate of 6.0 Gb / s
  • Compliance with the ATA / ATAPI-8 standard and the ACS-2 command protocol
  • Built-in protection against the effects of decay or unstable power supply
  • Garbage collection and TRIM Data Set Management
  • Early withdrawal of weak blocks
  • System for monitoring and notification of S.M.A.R.T. disk errors (SP Toolbox)
  • Supports LBA mode command with a length of 28/48 bits
  • SATA DEVSLP function for effective energy management and a significant reduction in power consumption
  • Built-in temperature sensor (Thermal Throttling), which regulates access speed to NAND Flash memory and maintains stability of the SSD system
  • Real-time full disk encryption (FDE) support with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 128/256-bit
  • Opal Trusted Computing Group (TCG) protocol support (on demand)
  • JTAG, UART and I2C interface support for system debugging service (optional service)

Silicon Power card and disk distributor:
ul. Sosnowiecka 89
31-345 Krakow,, tel .: 12 323 62 29

Silicon Power as an international producer with four branches around the world (Japan, the Netherlands, USA and Hong Kong). We constantly strive to offer the perfect data storage solution that meets all the requirements of modern digital life. It is a producer of flash memory cards, USB flash drives, portable hard drives, SSDs, DRAM modules and industrial grade products. Focusing on combining innovative technology and professional design, Silicon Power is a company that offers high-quality products to store the most valuable data. The company was founded in 2003 by a group of professionals from the mass storage industry.