Stronghold: Rulers – this is how the simulation of life in the castle will change (video)

By | December 6, 2019

If you love Stronghold, but you are not sure if it is worth waiting for the game Stronghold: Rulers, then the Firefly team decided to give you some additional reasons. See what new products are heading to this strategic series.

Half a year ago Firefly studio announced the game Stronghold: Rulers – the next installment of a great strategy. This time, he takes us to the Far East, where we will try our hand at leading Mongolian, Chinese or Japanese armies. And although in many respects it will be an old-good Stronghold, there will also be news.

Stronghold: Lords are (more than) good old Stronghold

The most important of these news is the system of rulers. We will recruit and improve them, and artificial intelligence will guide them on the battlefield, and more. Their unique characteristics will increase our combat, industrial or technical potential and can give us a real advantage. But this is not all news.

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Stronghold: Rulers screen 1

Earlier, the developers had already announced, for example, that in the game Stronghold: Rulers there will be a more refined system of defensive walls – their placing will be simpler and the possibilities of use will be greater. Our soldiers will work better together and avoid obstacles on the road instead of falling into them.

The authors now extend the list of novelties with elements related to the simulation of life in the castle. For example, we will be able to introduce torture tools (to increase work efficiency), operas and gardens (to increase the morale of individuals), roads (to improve production and transport), temples (to improve the well-being of the people), and different types of houses.

Stronghold: Rulers screen 2

Want to learn more about these new products? Be sure to watch the latest video material in which they are discussed in detail. That's him…

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See the latest video from the Stronghold: Rulers game:

The premiere of the game next year, of course only on PC.

Source: Firefly Worlds, own information

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