Tell Me Why is the latest game from the creators of Life is Strange

By | November 14, 2019

There are several reasons why Tell Me Why is a unique game. There is also a reason why you can count on it to be a great adventure game – that's the name Dontnod with the position "producer".

Tell Me Why is an adventure that has never been seen before

The crew that gave us Life is Strange returns from Tell Me Why. This is a new narrative adventure with action in Alaska and a protagonist that has never been seen in the games of large publishers. Tyler is a transgender person, and Dontnod's goal is to raise public awareness of this topic.

However, the game will not focus on Tyler's sheer transgression. The story revolves around his relationship with a twin named Alyson and their joint attempts to remember childhood. In contrast to what we got in Life is Strange – here the plot will have a certain course, at least to a large extent. After all, it would be difficult to shape events that have already taken place. What will belong to the player is the decision on which version of events to believe – Tyler or Alyson. This will affect the strength of the siblings' bonds and their continued life.

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See the first trailer for Tell Me Why – a new game from the creators of Life is Strange:

The premiere of all three episodes that make up Tell Me Why will take place in the summer of 2020. The new work by Dontnod will be available for purchase in the Microsoft store or on Steam, and will also be part of the Xbox Game Pass subscription. Are you waiting for this title?

Source: Xbox, VG247

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