Terminator: Resistance: gameplay with EGX 2019

By | October 20, 2019

The announcement of Terminator Resistance caused quite a stir. Only now we have received material that allows you to say something more about the game. Unfortunately, probably not much good.

Terminator: Resistance is based on the license of the famous movie saga, which will undoubtedly be a big advantage for many. Although the game's premiere will take place next month, the developers have so far boasted only a short trailer. Finally, there was an opportunity to take a look at the gameplay fragments that saw the light of day at EGX 2019.

The presented material lasts almost half an hour. It is not focused on exchanging fire, but rather on quietly infiltrating one of the locations, as well as showing some important elements of fun, including hacking or goggles that allow to see enemy objects through obstacles. You can also see the inventory menu here. This one should play an important role, after all the developers point out that the RPG accents will be quite strong in this shooter.

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Gameplay with Terminator: Resistance

What are your first impressions? It is impossible not to notice that the first ratings and comments posted on YouTube are not very flattering. Although no definitive conclusions can be drawn right now, there are suggestions that Terminator: Resistance will share the fate of Rambo: The Video Game, which was prepared by the same Polish producer – Teyon Games.

Let's hope it will be better. Terminator Resistance will debut on our market on November 15, on the PC and Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles.

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