Tesla will build Gigafactory in Europe

By | November 14, 2019

We got to know the location of the fourth Gigafactory facility. Elon Musk shared plans related to the development of gigafabrication networks in which Tesla electric cars are made.

Gigafactory is the name that Tesla uses for its engineering and design centers. These are huge factories, thanks to which the manufacturer of popular electric cars is able (at least to some extent) to meet the demand and effectively popularize the idea of ​​e-cars. It is also worth knowing about gigafabrices that thanks to their creation in phases, they can start operations before the entire project is completed, and also that they base their power supply on renewable energy sources. Soon, such an object will also appear on the Old Continent.

Tesla will build Gigafactory in Europe (and very close to the Polish border)

The first two gigafabrices were erected in the United States (specifically in Nevada and New York). The construction of the third one – in Shanghai – is slowly coming to an end and Elon Musk has already decided to announce what will happen next. According to information that has been appearing for several years, the fourth Gigafactory facility will appear in Europe. We got to know the approximate location – it's Berlin. And actually "near Berlin" – anyway, very close to the Polish border.

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Tesla Gigafactory

The choice of the country behind our western border to locate the first gigafactory on the Old Continent is obviously not accidental, after all Germany is an important point on the automotive map of the world. Let's add that the plans are for the European gigafabrice to be launched in 2021. We also know that affordable Model 3 sedans and upcoming Model Y SUVs will be specifically produced there.

Source: Elon Musk, The Verge, Digital Trends

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