The application in the Google Play store contained malicious code that steals cryptocurrencies

By | February 11, 2019

Cryptocurrencies have their advantages and disadvantages. Their biggest advantage is of course the possibility of maintaining full anonymity when paying to another person. Of course, this makes cryptocurrencies love people who are not completely legal. On the other hand, they are unstable and at any time from ten thousand dollars, the value of your currency can fall to $ 5. And there is the question of security, whose weakness is illuminated by the latest example of malicious software in the Play Store.

Cryptocurrencies are stored in portfolios whose addresses are written as a series of letters and numbers. If you want to send money to someone, just enter the alphanumeric chain of his wallet using the appropriate tool in the required field. And here comes the software called clipper, which cybercriminals have implemented in a popular application with a cryptocurrency portfolio.

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1042/5000The application impersonated the popular MetaMask wallet, which does not have its mobile platform. Users unaware of the threat used it for transactions using cryptocurrencies. Of course, when you get the address type 12CFMuNVY1QTp9M9C1dLYq3M92QQTT1AA, no one will rewrite it with one character and will simply copy it. And here comes the clipper to the game – when it detects a string of characters that can be the address of the wallet, it changes it to the address of the creator who has a similar beginning and end.

In case the initial and final address signs are in line, most people will not notice that something is wrong. In this way, the money goes to the cybercriminal who, by using such a method of extorting money, may consider himself completely safe.

After being notified to Google, the application has been removed from the store. MetaMask, on the other hand, tweeted the entry in which it asks the Mountain View team to register trademarks, especially companies that can be used in phishing campaigns.

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It certainly was not the first or last attack targeted at cryptocurrency users. Only will Google do something to make his Play Store a somewhat safer place instead of heaven for cybercriminals?