the iconic series returns as a board game

By | October 16, 2019

Probably many players know the Jagged Alliance series well, which celebrated the greatest triumphs in the 90s. Do you know that a board game was created based on it, which will soon be available in Poland?

Jagged Alliance campaign on the portal

All thanks to Undwerworld Kingdom, which has applied for a license to publish the Polish language version. To implement the project, however, a fundraiser was needed. It continues on the portal and you have to admit that it goes really well. Today, 89% of the target has been achieved, and 26 days remain until the end of the campaign.

Jagged Alliance

What can you expect here? Jagged Alliance is a tactical, cooperative board game in which players assume the role of a group of paid mercenaries fighting with the dictator of the island of Arulco – Deidranna. The game is for 1 to 4 players. During the campaign consisting of 12 scenarios, they have the opportunity to take part in both short skirmishes (about 30 minutes of the game), clashes of several hours and face a campaign based on history to free the island of Arulco from the oppressive regime of the dictator.

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When preparing for each mission, it is worth choosing the right set of mercenaries, as well as the best equipment and acquiring new allies. All this will be useful when releasing subsequent parts of the island, training rebels and defending the conquered territory.

Thanks to the modular map, a large number of cards (inventory, threats, events and missions), as well as additional dictators to fight against (adapt the strategy to each of them), players have the opportunity to create their own scenarios and choose their own path to victory.

Will they be willing to play this board game among you?

Source: UnderworldKingdom

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