The new BioShock (4?) Is already under construction

By | December 10, 2019

Apart from the "Collection" from 2016, the last full-fledged BioShock saw the light of day more than six years ago. If you have stopped believing in the return of this series, it's time to change the approach – 2K Games has officially confirmed that the new version is already being created!

The new BioShock will be created by the Cloud Chamber studio

The successor of the game BioShock: Infinite from 2013 is already being created. To implement this project, 2K Games has created a completely new studio. Called Cloud chamber, has offices in California and Montreal, and headed by a real veteran: Kelley Gilmore, previously working on brands such as Civilization and XCOM.

Cloud chamber

On board Cloud Chamber there are also those who made subsequent editions of BioShock so good – including Hoagy de la Plante, Scott Sinclair and Jonathan Pelling. Ken Levine is among the great absentees – the creator currently manages the creative team Ghost Story Games, working on the mysterious "ambitious simulator".

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Yes, the new BioShock is on its way! … But it will be a long way

Returning to the Cloud Chamber team, they are just beginning work on the new BioShock, therefore we will wait a few years for its premiere. Most likely, the game will be released for the next generation of PCs and consoles, represented by PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett.

What can you expect? The creators promise an ambitious project in which – just like in the previous installments – an extraordinary world will play a significant role. But although there will be common features with the original trilogy, there will also be news. The creators want to check "new, creative ways" to expand the universe. What do you say?

BioShock Next

Source: VG247, Engadget, 2K Games

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