the use, innovative technologies and the future of the laptop market

By | December 9, 2019

What are the breakthrough technologies of recent years? How do consumers use laptops? What solutions will appear in the future. The conclusions of the study are interesting.

The passing year was very important for ASUS – not only because of the 30th birthday, but also the premiere of new, innovative laptops (including the ZenBook Pro Duo model with an additional Screenpad Plus screen). However, the manufacturer does not intend to stop at this and is already thinking about the future of the laptop market.

Together with Nielsen Polska, ASUS checked consumer preferences – respondents answered questions about how to use laptops, breakthrough technologies of recent years and a vision of the future on the laptop market. What are the conclusions of the study?

Breakthrough technologies in laptops

When it comes to breakthrough technologies in laptops, the manufacturer divided them into private and business applications.

ASUS - breakthrough technologies in laptops

In the first case, the most important changes pointed to improving the parameters of laptops allowing to compete with desktops, the introduction of an SSD drive and a touch screen. In the business context, it was also an SSD disk and a touch screen, but also competitive parameters for desktop computers.

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Importantly, as many as 99% of surveyed laptop users consider at least one change in the laptop category as a breakthrough.

Multitasking of laptops is a fact

ASUS is increasingly focusing on multitasking and facilitating such laptop use. Consumer reviews seem to confirm this trend.

The use of laptops

The use of laptops

The average number of laptop applications is 10 – among the most popular were activities such as online shopping, checking information for private purposes, using online banking or watching movies and series.

The use of laptops

As many as 91% of respondents perform many activities on a laptop at the same time, with more than half using more than one screen for this.

The use of laptops

A second screen on a laptop can actually be a useful solution. Every fifth respondent indicated the insertion of an additional screen as one of the three most useful solutions in private laptops. In the context of business facilities, the percentage of respondents was 31%. However, there is still a lot of room for popularizing this solution – almost half of those surveyed believe that this will become an industry standard during this period.

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The future of the laptop market

ASUS also asked about the future of the laptop market – in the short term (up to 5 years) and long term (up to 30 years). What do consumers expect?

The future of laptops

The future of laptops

In the coming years, consumers expect primarily full communication with other devices in the home, battery improvements enabling uninterrupted work for a week, and WiTricity support, i.e. wireless charging by sending energy over a distance.

The future of laptops

The visions in the long term seem to be much more interesting, because a lot of respondents expect contactless service, ultra-thin construction or replacing the screen with a hologram.

Thus, it can be seen that the future of the laptop market is drawn in optimistic colors. Many customers expect innovative solutions, and the introduction of a second screen may prove to be a standard in the industry – as in the case of the ScreenPad Plus add-on. Next year, we can expect this vision to continue in more ASUS hardware.

Source: ASUS

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