The Witcher from Netflix – learn the secrets of the series, hidden in the trailer

By | November 14, 2019

The Witcher from Netflix will debut in December. Showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich and producer Tomek Bagiński decided to lift the secret of their work. We also have some new photos.

Two weeks ago, the first trailer of the Witcher series from Netflix appeared on the network. It turns out that he hid many secrets that the authors have now decided to discover. By the way, they also revealed some other curiosities about this production. We found out, for example, how Płotka was chosen, what about Geralt's second sword and what the creators' approach to special effects was.

What can I say, here is this material …

See how the creators talk about the series The Witcher from Netflix and learn its secrets:

As you could hear, in the next episodes of The Witcher we will observe dynamic changes in Yennefer, which is one of the three main characters of the series, next to Geralt and Ciri. Anyway, all three will evolve and will be a lot to the finals of the first season. And since there may be a total of seven seasons, the heroes may be beyond recognition.

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The Witcher Netflix foto 1

The Witcher Netflix foto 2

The material is also a real curiosity. Well Henry Cavill actually plays Geralt in all combat scenes – the actor did not want to use the help of stuntmen or soufflés, which is definitely worth noting. Realism was one of the creators' priorities, hence it was limited use of CGI effects, … which of course does not mean that there will be none at all.

The Witcher Netflix foto 3

The Witcher Netflix foto 4

Geralt is a monster killer and although the last few were on the trailer, they will naturally play an important role in the series. According to Lauren S. Hissrich, some creatures may surprise us and it remains to be hoped that this will be a positive surprise. We already know that some of the monsters come directly from the pages of Sapkowski's novel, while others have been created especially for this production.

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The Witcher Netflix foto 5

The Witcher Netflix foto 6

The creators also emphasize that The Witcher from Netflix is ​​to be full of brutality and sexuality, but both are to be justified. The showrunner of the series says directly that by no means was the goal artificial shocking viewers. That sounds good!

We remind you that the premiere of The Witcher series on Netflix is ​​already in December

Will the Witcher series really be so good, we'll see already on December 20, 2019 – On this day, the Netflix catalog will debut a set of eight episodes making up the first season.

Source: Netflix Polska, Far Far Away Site

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