This move will mean that in a few years we will receive a salary in cryptocurrencies

By | February 15, 2019

Cryptocurrencies are an extremely complex subject and undoubtedly remain complicated for people who have never seriously interested in it. Over the past few years, many financial institutions have warned against them, but now one of the giants with its own cryptocurrency is entering the market.

In recent years, cryptocurrencies have been the subject of many fierce discussions. Above all, most people learned about them thanks to Bitcoin, which definitely gained in value, beginning with a good passion for people for the currency of the future. Then suddenly everyone became interested in mining cryptocurrencies. Excavators became popular equipment, and due to the fact that the best for such tasks were devices with appropriate graphics cards, this phenomenon had a negative impact on the market for players. Well, it’s impossible to hide that this action was memorable.

At the same time, many financial institutions, both private and state-owned, warned people about cryptocurrencies. It was usually quite comical, but you can understand and reasonably justify such campaigns. Now, however, we can count on the fact that cryptocurrencies will cease to be a taboo subject among corporations. All thanks to JP Morgan, who decided that it was time to get ahead of the row and created his own digital token called JPM Coin. It is dedicated to business customers and bankers and is to enable them to pay instantly.

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Jamie Dimon

Of course, JP Morgan himself remains in a small group of companies from the world leaders who believe in cryptocurrencies. I think that the rest will be able to convince them in a few or a dozen years, when they will no longer have a choice, because such charm of powerful corporations. JPM Coin would replace traditional transfers, taking up to several days. There is even a vision in which, for example, Facebook pays salaries to employees using JPM Coin, and the whole action is extremely fast. In my opinion, large companies would certainly be interested in such an option, the more so that it would significantly accelerate the process of withdrawals and increase its security while reducing costs.

JPM Coin sounds like a good idea

JP Morgan invested a lot in the development of blockchain technology, so it was quite predictable that they would try to show their own. JPM Coin will start appearing in small amounts for testing purposes over the next few months. It is not known yet whether the cryptocurrency will ever reach the consumer market and will it not be available only to large companies and their employees.

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Undoubtedly, JPM Coin itself is a good sign for the development of cryptocurrencies. Yes, they may lose some of their freedom after entering this segment of powerful financial institutions, but you can not forget about the potentially positive impact on their popularity.