today the premiere of the game on PS4

By | November 8, 2019

Ideal situation: today is Friday and another three-day weekend begins, and Death Stranding debuts on the market. In short: the plan is concrete – it's time to reserve a room and prepare a "do not disturb" note.

It takes about 40-60 hours to complete the Death Stranding game. With the right approach, the upcoming weekend may be enough to learn the whole story prepared by Hideo Kojima. And the Japanese prepared a really complicated, multi-layered and ambiguous story about life and death, set in dark, post-apocalyptic realities. To get started, just go to the store to get your copy, if – of course – you haven't done it yet.

To begin with, let's remember the premiere trailer for Death Stranding:

As we have already written, opinions are divided among reviewers. Some are literally delighted, others admit that they have bored properly. Some call Death Stranding a masterpiece, others call a tedious courier simulator. The fact remains, however, that the latest work by Hideo Kojima is one of the hottest and most important games of the year, and also a title that lovers of good stories should not let go this fall. Now with a clear conscience it can also be called one of the best games on PS4.

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Death Stranding screen

Today, the premiere of Death Stranding – for now only on PlayStation 4

We can start the fun now (unless you are still at university or at work). On Friday, November 8, Death Stranding has landed on Polish store shelves. The box edition will be bought for around 260 zlotys (below you will find links to several stores), and the digital edition on the PlayStation Store platform has been priced at 289 zlotys. Currently, the game is available only on PS4, but next year it will also hit PCs.

And if you need additional encouragement, be sure to take a look at the game record, published on the Game Informer channel. That's him…

Is this really a walking simulator? This is how fun Strand Death looks – gameplay:

Are you going to play? And if so, do you start having fun today? Let me know!

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Source: PlayStation, Game Informer

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