Total War Saga: Troy is the new installment of the series

By | September 19, 2019

Home grown strategists can now rub their hands. The Creative Assembly team officially announced Total War Saga: Troy, inspired by Homer's Iliad.

Total War Saga: Troy – this is the title of the latest strategy of Creative Assembly, which this time decided to move us to the Bronze Age. We know the first details, and for dessert we received a trailer.

Total War Saga: Troy – game preview

Total War Saga is a side series that does not differ much from the main mechanics of the game, but whose views focus not so much on entire historical periods as on specific events. This time – as you can easily guess – it will be Trojan War, which we will look at from the perspective of both sides: Trojan and Greeks.

Total War Saga: Troy screen 1

The creators themselves announce it as follows: "Survive the war that changed the face of that era and see how it comes alive on screen in an original way. Become a legend as one of the eight famous heroes. Experience the dramatic fate of your character and defeat your rivals. Build your own empire through strategy, management, diplomacy and war, conquering the realm of the Bronze Age Mediterranean region. "

As for the gameplay, as usual, it will be divided into two parts. The most important strategic decisions related to empire management will be made in turn-based mode on the world map. The battles themselves – which are to be extremely spectacular – will be fought in real time directly on the battlefield.

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Total War Saga: Troy screen 2

The premiere of Total War Saga: Troy will take place next year, but the exact release date has not been disclosed yet. We know that the only target platform are PCs – both with Windows and Linux or macOS. And that's …

Official trailer of Total War Saga: Troy

Source: VG247, Creative Assembly