will play in the knockout phase V4

By | September 19, 2019

Unlike the Adwokacik team, which did not cope with Ninjas in Pajamas, Virtusi is still climbing. The meeting with E-RIVALS resulted in promotion to play-offs.

The team "Snaxa" repeated their last year's success and without major problems advanced to the knockout phase of the V4 Future Sports Festival. The team that stood in the way of the Polish players was the Czech formation E-RIVALS.


It was that set the rules for this duel. Frag after frag fell on the Polish side. The Czechs repeatedly used a maneuver, but it did not translate into concrete results. The first half ended with a five-point advantage of "MICHA" and the company. After the change of sides, Karel Kralovec and colleagues did not show anything new, so Poles could easily pave their way to victory. The first map ended with a 16: 7 result for white and red.

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The second part of the match did not go so smoothly for our countrymen. After the initial successful rounds, it was time for the first stumbles. The Czechs showed that they can also play, and as a result they even managed to surpass one point of the Virtus. After the break, E-RIVALS continued to strive to score more points. The "kuben" players were confused to such an extent that they asked for tactical pauses several times. Only at the very end of the match in Virtusów new forces joined. With a score of 14: 9 they reached a draw, and then in the last rounds full of emotions, slowly built the desired victory. The final result at Mirage is 16:14 and the Poles will play in the LAN phase in Budapest.