Watch the broadcast from X019 live (live stream)

By | November 14, 2019

Today (November 14) X019 starts in London – a huge event for lovers of electronic entertainment in the colors of Xbox. At 21.00 there will be a great presentation that will be available to watch live. We suggest how and what to expect.

The X019 event organized by Microsoft promises to be impressive, and one of its key elements will be a special episode of Inside Xbox filled with great attractions. Here you will be able to watch the live broadcast with us (it will replace the promotional material, currently below).

Watch Inside Xbox live with X019 (live stream) – November 14 at 21.00:

Why is it worth watching? What attractions does Microsoft announce on X019?

Today's special episode is to be the largest in the history of the Inside Xbox cycle. Completely new games will be announced, and the ones we have already heard about will be seen on fresh trailers and gameplays. Among other things, the teams of Obsidian Entertainment, Ninja Theory, Mojang, inXile Entertainment, Annapurna Interactive, Devolver Digital and Respawn Entertainment will boast.

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Microsoft did not reveal the details, but among the presented productions we expect to see, among others, Age of Empires IV (with the first fragments of the gameplay), delightful graphics of Microsoft Flight Simulator and Bleeding Edge (the latest work of DmC developers: Devil May Cry).

We will also learn what's new in the Xbox Game Pass program and learn about the specifics about the xCloud cloud service. And what we probably won't see are any news about the new Xbox, known as Project Scarlett.

So how are you going to watch today's Inside Xbox with X019 in London with us?

Source: Xbox Poland

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