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By | December 7, 2019

The Witcher will support the Netflix catalog in just two weeks. Representatives of the site have officially confirmed that it will go to him in three versions, so that each of us will watch it exactly as we like.

The Witcher from Netflix is ​​one of the most anticipated series on the horizon. Producers are aware of this and therefore decided to make sure that anyone who wants to know the story can do it the way they like. What does this mean exactly? Well, at least the first season will be available in three versions: with subtitles, with a teacher and with dubbing!

The Witcher series from Netlifx in 3 versions – see the latest spot:

You heard it right! Michał Żebrowski as Geralt in the series The Witcher from Netflix

While subtitles and a voiceover are actually a standard, dubbing is a nice addition. Especially that Geralt of Rivia will speak with … Michał Żebrowski – an actor who portrayed the White Wolf in the film and TV series The Witcher from 2001 and 2002! In addition to him, the Netflix label project involved, among others: Justyna Kowalska (whom we will hear in the role of Yennefer), Natalia Smagacka (as Ciri) and Marcin Franc (as Jaskier).

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The Witcher from Netflix is ​​coming – the premiere of the series in two weeks

The Witcher series will hit the Netflix catalog on December 20. Specifically, the eight episodes that make up the first season will debut. We already know that it will not end there – the producers have confirmed the second season, and the showrunner is not short of ideas for much more.

Source: Netflix Polska

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