We visited the stand Samsung4Gamers and Komputronik Gaming on PGA

By | October 19, 2019

Being at the Poznań Game Arena 2019 we could not refuse to visit the Samsung4Gamers and Komputronik Gaming zones. Why? You'll find out soon.

What can you see at the Samsung4Gamers and Komputronik Gaming booth at PGA 2019?

What a place! The Samsung4Gamers and Komputronik Gaming zones at PGA 2019 are simply impossible to pass by. Already at the entrance we have the opportunity to find out why a short moment with a monitor with a refresh rate of 240 Hz is enough to never want to go back to the classic "sixty".

By the way, you can reflex and quickly eliminate 240 opponents, taking part in the 240 Hz Challenge – if you have the best result, you will leave the event richer with … just such a 240-hertz monitor.

PGA Samsung Komputronik monitor

Fans of decent equipment can also take a close look and check the latest Samsung mobile devices in action, which were designed, among others, with players in mind. This is the Galaxy Tab S6 tablet and the Galaxy Note 10 smartphone. Although they weigh little, they are real gaming beasts.

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And for lovers of hardcore adventures waiting Pulsar VR armchair, allowing you to feel the virtual reality at an even higher level of immersion. You will never forget this and (if your stomach manages) you will want more and more!

PGA Samsung Komputronik VR

Samsung4Gamers and Komputronik Gaming stand are also e-sport tournaments and challenges with the participation of the best Polish players, Internet stars and the gathered community.

Radyjko told us about all this, as well as about other attractions waiting in this zone – see and listen …

Benchmark.pl in the Samsung4Gamers and Komputronik Gaming zone (video):

Poznań Game Arena 2019 will last until Sunday, October 20.

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