What is an accelerometer and how does it work

By | November 30, 2019

Although not much is said about it, the accelerometer is one of the basic elements of modern smartphone equipment. What does he help them with?

What is an accelerometer?

The accelerometer (alternatively, although less often also referred to as the accelerometer) is a device for measuring linear or angular acceleration. Inside it is an inert weight reacting every time the accelerometer is set in motion. The accelerometer can measure its own motion as well as the movement of the device in which it was used.

The latter option is definitely more important from a practical point of view. Although originally the accelerometer was not created for mobile devices (it was more widely used during the development of the automotive industry and the popularization of airbags), it currently plays an important role in them. More often than you think, questions arising in this matter, due to our profile, we consider precisely in their aspect, above all so popular smartphones. The accelerometer came here due to the prevalence of electromechanical microcircuits (MEMS), and its main task is to measure slopes and twists.

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What gives the accelerometer on your smartphone

Many people use the smartphone to benefit from the benefits of the accelerometer every day. The most basic function using this element is because the image is automatically rotated when turning the smartphone from vertical to horizontal position and vice versa.


This is not all, of course. The accelerometer can be useful even with the mute function (usually for incoming calls) by turning the phone upside down. It is also used by mobile game developers, sometimes we deal with tilting the smartphone (e.g. in racing games). Another example for mobile applications that measure steps. Yes, they just use the accelerometer.

Does every smarton have an accelerometer and where else can you find it

Like the proximity sensor, the accelerometer has been one of the basic elements of smartphone equipment for a long time. With a candle, look for models in which we would not find it, it is also standard in the cheapest smartphones up to PLN 500.

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Remaining in the mobile devices most interesting for us here, the accelerometer is also used in tablets, where it also plays similar roles as in smartphones. It is also used by manufacturers of smartwatches and smart bands, as well as drones, which are becoming more and more popular.

Source: engineerguy, 99science

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