What new series or movie to watch? Trailers, 19 October 2019

By | October 19, 2019

It's weekend, so it's time for the weekly film and TV summary. As always, we have for you the most interesting trailers from the last seven days that will allow you to determine what titles to have on your radars.

This week there were a few less trailers, but we managed to choose eight interesting spots that equally promote films and series. What will you find among them? Well, among others, another promising film adaptation of Stephen King's novel, continuation of one of the best productions set in the world of new technologies, the latest announcement of Terminator or new versions of great productions from years ago …

What series? Something good for everyone:

What movie? Latest trailers to check:

Arcane – trailer of the series

We start with one of the most interesting announcements of the week, i.e. with the animated series set in the League of Legends universe. The production, which will tell the story of two iconic heroines, was announced during the celebration of the tenth birthday of LOL and can definitely be worth watching. Anyway, just see this trailer! Premiere: in 2020.

The Outsider – trailer of the series

And that's something for fans of Stephen King. Less than two years after the premiere of The Outsider, the series will debut in the HBO GO service catalog. Exactly on January 12, 2020, we will be able to start learning the story of (mysteriously hindered) attempts to solve the murder of a boy from a small town …

Silicon Valley VI – trailer of the series

Sooner, because this month the HBO GO library will be enriched with the final, sixth season of the Silicon Valley series. The crazy start-up team is coming back for the last time and without T.J. Miller, but – which can be believed in the trailer below – in consistently good form.

Lieutenant Kabura – trailer of the series

The last trailer in the serial part presents a completely new production called Lieutenant Kabura. This is the latest series of Bartosz Walaszek (whose portfolio includes, among others, Block Ekipa and Kapitan Bomba), and also the first independent production of CDA Premium, which will be available exclusively in this service. The first episode will debut on October 25, and this is already a trailer:

Terminator: Dark Destiny – Movie Trailer

The film section is opened by the Terminator: Dark Destiny. In addition to the new trailer, we've received the announcement this week that the film will include violence, swearing and nudity, in other words that it will be for adults only. This plus names such as Miller, Cameron, Schwarzenegger, Hamilton and Luna allows you to count on a piece of good cinema. The premiere in theaters on November 8.

A mongrel in love – movie trailer

Disney announces: refreshing iconic animations to be continued. Already in November, Disney's mongrel in the actor's version will debut on the Disney + service. As usual, sentences are divided: some are delighted with this version, others complain about the lack of climate. Watch the trailer and let me know which group you belong to!

Dolittle – movie trailer

Dolittle is another family film that will soon be released. The doctor who understands animal speech will be played by Robert Downey Jr., who can finally take a break from the role of Iron Man. How does it look like? Again, it is difficult to obtain a unanimous opinion. That is why we simply encourage you to view and form opinions yourself. Before the trailer, we still have information that the premiere in theaters will be held on January 17, 2020.

Jumanji: Next level – movie trailer

Finally, we have the latest trailer for Jumanji: The Next Level, which is a continuation of the story of friends who move to the world of the game. This time they are going on a rescue mission, which – as you probably guessed – will definitely not be among the simplest. Take a look and let me know if you will go to the cinema – premiere on 27 December.

What do you think about the series we mentioned? Do you agree that The Outsider promises to be a piece of captivating story? What about movies? The new Terminator has the right to like it and it remains to believe that the final result will indeed be good and the situation with Rambo will not happen again. We are also interested in your opinion on the new versions of the cult movies – will you give a chance to a Lover and a Doctor Dolittle?

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