when will the premiere in Poland? What price?

By | November 8, 2019

Of the many VOD services on the horizon, Disney promises to be the best. Unfortunately, its premiere was limited to the United States. When can we expect the debut of the service in Poland?

Disney + service is starting any day – premiere in November

On November 12, Disney + will debut in the United States, Canada and the Netherlands, and a week later in Australia and New Zealand. Users from these countries will receive an extensive catalog of original films and series, including the promising The Mandalorian, about which you could already read with us. However, website owners want all this to be available in every part of the world.

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… And when will Disney + be available in Poland?

Disney is currently headed by Bob Iger. During the last meeting with investors he announced that as soon as March 31, 2020, Disney + will debut in Europe. Specifically: in Western Europe. To specify, he even listed five countries: Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Spain, after which he quickly added that the list would not end there. And although Poland is not qualified to this group, it is not excluded that the service will reach our country on the same day.

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What if not? In this case, we will have to wait a little longer – Disney + premiere in Eastern Europe is planned for 2021 fiscal year, which is the period from October 2020 to September 2021 calendar year.

However, we expect a quick premiere in Poland – the website is now available in Polish, and for that the first trailers of movies and series from the Disney + catalog have Polish versions: whether with subtitles or dubbing. Take the example of The Mandalorian, mentioned above:

And how much will we pay for Disney Plus? The price will be rather lower than for Netflix

As for European countries, only the price in the Netherlands is known for now. There, for one month of using Disney + you will pay 7 euros. For comparison, Netflix (in the Basic plan) costs 8 euros there, so you can expect that it will be cheaper in Poland too, and let us remind you that for access to the service catalog on "N" we pay 34 zlotys.

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A price of PLN 30 seems realistic. For this money, we have access to a library that will contain original movies and series from the Star Wars universe, Marvel superhero novelties, Disney cartoons and animations and Pixar studios, as well as National Geographic documentaries. Would you be interested in the service if the subscription amount were confirmed?

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