Windows 10: problem – CPU load (after KB4515384)

By | September 19, 2019

Users of Windows 10 again complain about an unnaturally high CPU load. Once again this month.

Just a few days ago we wrote about the problems of Windows 10 users with increased CPU load. Microsoft has released an update that addresses them, … while causing them again.

Windows 10: problem – CPU load

In the previous case, it turned out that the patch eliminating problems related to remote desktop, surround sound and Windows Sandbox function simultaneously caused a significant increase in processor load due to an error in the search function. Now, in turn, another system element is problematic, namely the IME component.

IME – i.e. Input Method Editor (input method editor) – is a system component that allows you to enter complex characters and symbols easily. The error occurs after the KB4515384 update, and the good news is that you can eliminate it yourself.

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How to solve this problem?

To manually eliminate this problem, start "Services" (eg by entering this word in the system search engine and pressing the Enter key), find the entry in the list "Touch keyboard and handwriting panel service", right-click, select "Properties" and change "Startup Type" to "Manual".

Microsoft has announced that it will also solve this problem with another patch that will go to the next update package. This one should see the light of day later this month.

Source: Microsoft Support