Witchfire: early version gameplay

By | December 6, 2019

The Astronauts team is beginning to remind about Witchfire with more and more regularity. Most importantly, each subsequent information and materials look very optimistic.

New Witchfire gameplay

At the end of last month, there was a short teaser telling us that we will see new video material and further news about the progress of work. The creators from The Astronauts studio kept their word and although the gameplay shown is not the longest, it is looked at with pleasure. Witchfire looks good, although it is still quite far from the final version.

At the moment, Witchfire contains three arenas, four types of weapons and two light spells and four heavy spells, as well as six types of enemies, including the boss. HUD is still being corrected, the developers emphasize that many elements can change completely. Although the above material may suggest linear gameplay, we should not be afraid of this as announced.

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Only 9 people work on Witchfire

Although everything looks and sounds optimistic, the creators do not fall into self-worship and are aware of the deficiencies, as well as of how much work is still ahead of them. Especially since the Witchfire development team consists of only 9 people.

At the same time, it is constantly emphasized that Witchfire will not emphasize the story, but fast and relaxing gameplay. The game should be perfect for short sessions. Some see here as one of the best-looking games currently being prepared.

Witchfire is created for the PC. The creators do not mention the release date, so it looks like earlier announcements regarding 2020 are in force.

Source: The Astronauts

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