Yakuza 7 – gameplay shows the new combat system

By | September 16, 2019

It's time to take a look at the solidly changed gameplay that Ryu ga Gotoku's team will serve us in Yakuza 7: Like a Dragon.

Not only that Yakuza 7 is being created, but also that its premiere will take place at the beginning of next year, we learned last month. Then it became clear that the place of arcade fighting games will be replaced by the Erpeg combat system in turns. It sounded intriguing, but probably many people found it hard to imagine. Video material straight from the Tokyo Game Show 2019 event comes in handy.

Yakuza 7 – turn combat system will refresh the game

How it's working? Straight: we choose the opponent, then the weapon and the type of attack, after which we order the characters to take action. And once more.

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Yakuza 7 screen

The turn-based combat system we'll be dealing with in Yakuza 7 will allow us to focus more on the story, as well as more engagement during the skirmishes. Planning, making the right decisions or using the environment will become more important. It is worth noting that pending their turn, the other heroes will not stand still, which causes some opportunities but also threats.

Chances, because it can happen that our road is cut by a bike, which we can use (not necessarily provided by the manufacturer of the two-wheeler) or pushing the opponent onto the road may end in his close encounter with the oncoming van. Threats, because the path to the opponent can be blocked and our whole intricate plan … well, you know what about him.

Yakuza 7 – gameplay with a new combat system:

We remind you that the new combat system is one thing, but the game Yakuza 7 will also be different from previous views for another important reason. Well Ichiban Kasuga will be the protagonist (and not Kazuma Kiryu) and the action will be moved from Kamurocho to Yokohama. The premiere – exclusively on PlayStation 4 – will take place January 16, 2020.

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