Zalman Spectrum ZM-RFD120 and ZM-RFD120A

By | September 20, 2019

Powerful, quiet and effectively illuminated. The new Zalman fans should be of interest to enthusiasts who care about the appearance of the computer.

It is accepted that modern gaming equipment cannot do without RGB LED backlight. A similar assumption was also made by Zalman – the manufacturer's offer includes the Spectrum ZM-RFD120 and ZM-RFD120A fans, which will not only cool the components, but will also give the computer a spectacular style.

Fan with RGB LED backlight

The ZM-RFD120 and ZM-RFD120A models look identical at first glance. In both cases we are talking about 120-millimeter constructions, where seven blades and a hydraulic bearing with an extended lifetime (up to 40,000 hours) were used.

The maximum speed is 1500 RPM – at such speeds, the fans offer a capacity of 60 m3 / h and generate a noise of 25.6 dB (+/- 10%). Dragnia damping pads are integrated in the frame.

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Zalman ZM-RFD120 and ZM-RFD120A

Model ZM-RFD120 is equipped with standard RGB LED backlight, while ZM-RFD120A is a version with addressable RGB LED backlight (ARGB). A MOLEX connector was used to connect the fans.

ModelZalman ZM-RFD120Zalman ZM-RFD120A
Shoulders7 pcs.7 pcs.
salesup to 1500 RPMup to 1500 RPM
Efficiency34.34 CFM35.34 CFM
Noise generated25.6 dB25.6 dB

Zalman Spectrum ZM-RFD120 / ZM-RFD120A fans are proposals for those customers who would like to improve ventilation and further illuminate the interior of the housing. The version with the usual RGB backlight costs about 40 zlotys (version with programmable backlight should be a little more expensive, but you will have to wait a bit for its availability).

Source: Zalman